Jul 16, 2009

Sorry its taken on so long

Hello everyone sorry its been forever since I updated. I have been so busy and time has just flown by. Justin left in May 13th to Georgia to Train for his deployment. It was really hard to say good bye and even harder to watch young children have to say good bye. Justin has a buddy who he calls Vogel (since they must go by their last names) that he is really close to and plans on sticking with while they are deployed. I have gotten really close to Vogel (Rodger)'s family. His mom Tricia is wonderful and has really helped me in this rough time. Rodger's sisters Krystal and Kerrie are great to I have been hanging out alot with Kerrie and its been making my summer fun even though Justin is not here with me. His dad Rodger very nice and has a funny side to him that you can't help but laugh at. I finished up school and actually had an awesome semester not one grade lower then a B. In June I turned 21. Whoa yeah. lol not really. I still wanna go pull the lever at the slot machines but I haven't gotten to do that yet. June 21st I went to Denton, Maryland to be a counselor at kids camp called Kamp KaBoom. I had 16 girl and 2 counselors in training. It was such a fun, tiring, exciting, mind blowing, crazy, hot week. But I loved every minute. Then I came home for a week only to unpack and then pack again to go see Justin before they left the country. They were given what was a 4 day pass in the begining but the story changed everyday. Thats the army for ya. I left with the Vogel family from Greensboro Maryland at 5:15am on July 2nd. We got to Savannah Georgia around 5:30pm the same day. And to our surprise we actually got to see our soldiers that night. It was awesome. I hugged Justin forever. The next day they had a deployment ceremony which I made these shirts and then they were free to go with their families. We had fun spending time in Savannah on the river front, going to the beach, watching fireworks, riding go-karts, going on a ghost walk, eating alot, spending time with the Vogel's, relaxing and just being together. It was tough to say good bye again but seeing him was well worth it. July 11th Kim (my little sister) got married. It was a fun day. Her belly is getting big as the twins she's carrying grow. She is due new year's eve but if she makes it to 37 weeks (full term for twins) we will be happy. We find out in August the sex of the babies and I can't wait. Justin left the country also on July 11th. I can not give out very much information over the internet. Just know that he is safe and well. Please continue to pray for him and the entire 262 while they are defending our freedom.

Right before Justin left for Georgia

My group at camp along with Pastor Marilyn

Justin and I on River Street

Justin and I am go-karts


Over looking River Street

Kim and Larry's Wedding Cake

Kim and Larry before the Wedding

Kim and Larry right after they got married!

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